The Man Booker Shortlist… Thoughts

Obviously my daughter should be a Man Booker shortlister. There’d be less literary pretension and more literature.

Blogging the Long List

So, today they published the Shortlist:

And even though I knew full well that there  was no hope I would get through the whole list before the shortlist came out, I am still a little disappointed that it feels like a decision has already been made for me, somewhat.

Luckily, I think the judges are wrong. 

The judges claim that their decision was about “the pure power of prose” and the “vigour and vividly defined values” of the novels they selected.  To me, it feels more like they were trying a little too hard (even these quotes sound like they were trying a little too hard)…. to be inclusive, or alternative, or challenging.  Some of the more engaging, but gentler, books were junked in favour of books on big, controversial themes.  I am surprised The Yips didn’t make this shortlist, looking at how it has been out together.

My shortlist:

To date…

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