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The apple may never fall far from the tree, but it can roll

I had a peek at our kids’ LinkedIn entries. Both Kate and Ben, are doing well professionally. Both have just started truly meaty jobs in their fields. We are pleased for and, yes, proud of them. What particularly strikes me … Continue reading

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The First Church of Willard Tony needs you

This post is only for those who track the alternate universe of climate science denialism. It will make no sense to anyone who hasn’t lifted the lid on that nest of vipers. — New mocking opportunities available. At the world’s … Continue reading

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Christopher Robin went down with Alice

With apologies to AA Milne. By dint of her work with Guide Dogs, Heather and I were invited to a reception at Buckingham Palace last night. Champagne, canapes and dogs on a beautiful summer’s evening with a couple of dozen … Continue reading

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When trolls lose it gets personal

My morning ritual includes letting the dog out and feeding him, numerous cups of espresso and an on-line trawl through Facebook, a few blogs and various magazine and newspaper sites. I read a reasonably broad spectrum of opinion, from the … Continue reading

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Moving from Microsoft Office to Google GMail and Drive

As earlier, in April we had a house-wide IT failure. In replacing my desktop I was faced with restoring all my documents, my old emails (PSTs) and reinstalling Microsoft Office. And I’d be left knowing that I’d have to do … Continue reading

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Climate science education

The AGU recently met to discuss how best to communicate the science behind climate change. These videos aren’t too too wonkish. Try a couple. If you’re really intrigued then subscribe to the Youtube AGU channel.

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Windows 8 – easier than I thought

In April we had a series of home IT disasters. In essence I pushed Heather’s PC, my PC and our printer too far. I was trying to save money with piecemeal actions and not replacing stuff soon enough. Instead I … Continue reading

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