I’ve spent a couple of days fiddling with the layout of my blog – adding categories and menus, removing widgets. Why? Well, historically, I’ve not used it for much more than our annual Christmas letters. As a WordPress user I started to reblog items of interest – mostly to do with climate science. That clogged it up a bit. It’s also relatively easy to blog photographs from Flickr; that clogs it up a bit more again. A few (ok, very few) people have asked me what to do about their IT; so I may as well write that too.

So, you may see more posts from me than my once a month average would suggest. In order not to inundate people I have not linked my Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts to WordPress. And some of you may well decide to unsubscribe from the emails. I will sympathise.

I’ve reduced the widget clutter on the page. You’ll notice a new menu along the top with entries for each category I blog about. It is worth noting that, sometimes, one still has to delve into the blog itself. I notice, for example, that if I go in to the menu for Photographs, any Flickr pictures don’t appear. Other graphics and urls suffer too. I may yet discover work-arounds. And I’m certain that, with experience, there will be other changes too.

You have been warned.

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  1. Oh, and a hat tip to singlegourmetandtraveller. Her blog had a couple of features I liked so I plagiarised.


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