Christopher Robin went down with Alice

Guide Dogs, July 2013

Heather and John in the Centre Room, Buckingham Palace, with Guide Dogs on 18 July 2013

With apologies to AA Milne.

By dint of her work with Guide Dogs, Heather and I were invited to a reception at Buckingham Palace last night. Champagne, canapes and dogs on a beautiful summer’s evening with a couple of dozen like minded people – well, there’s nothing wrong with that, is there? Princess Alexandra wasn’t there due to ill health.

We were in the Center Room; Fiona Bruce’s video just about does it justice. It is that balcony you see royalty waving from. A few of us were inclined to go out and stand on it. After all, there was just the most delicate of chains draped across the doors – easily moved. And then, someone reminded us, there were marksmen outside. We decided to enjoy the late evening’s glow over the Victoria Memorial from the inside instead. It’s not often one sees it from that side after all.

My mother was a royalist. She’d have been agog to see the two of us walking through the gates, up to the Palace, inside and up to the first floor. We were.

On the subject of Guide Dogs, we’re trying to assemble a table of ten for the Guide Dogs Annual Dinner on the 11th of December. I know it’s a long way in advance. I know it’s not cheap. But if you’re interested come along. There may even be puppies.

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3 Responses to Christopher Robin went down with Alice

  1. I’m not a royalist … but still a great experience. I would have been tempted to walk out on to that balcony too!


  2. Will says:

    I am caught between being a a royalist–at least insofar in respect of history my country, yours and the common thread–and naturally my exceptionally strong sense of Canadian pride. That said, I’d have been pretty tickled to have been in Buckingham Palace for any reason with equally any number of reasons why a royal wasn’t present simply to admire the design, architecture and of course stand in history.

    As for your upcoming dinner, I’ll not tell Mrs. Samuel of Beaverbrook–we can’t claim Kanata proper, Uncle Eric and Aunt Fil were indeed here long before we were, so we’ll take out neighbourhood slice of the pie–about potential of puppies else she’d have be save for the flights and the dinner tickets.



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