The apple may never fall far from the tree, but it can roll

I had a peek at our kids’ LinkedIn entries. Both Kate and Ben, are doing well professionally. Both have just started truly meaty jobs in their fields. We are pleased for and, yes, proud of them.

What particularly strikes me is how much more strategic they both are in their career thinking than I ever was. It’s not that either have set themselves some imaginary corset, “I must be a VP of X by year Y” or anything so silly as that. But they’re so much more thoughtful about when to move, what to move to, what skills they need to acquire.

Perhaps that strategic thinking came from their mother. My Taurus wife saw the effect of early intervention of speech and language therapy on a very young Kate. After the kids left for university she turned that memory into a direction, first Biology A-levels then a BSc from City and now a job she walks to – and often walks on air back home from, with fulfilment and recognition. She executed a strategy over 30 years.

I just bumbled on from role to role, thankful that anyone would deign hiring me at all. I was always worried I’d be found out as the fool I see in the mirror each morning. I stayed too long in jobs due to fear. Looking back through my roles I think I made the most impact in the first two or three years of each job. After that the post became stale – and maybe I did too. I’m not in the least regretful. My career has been just fine.

But our kids, they think about it. They’re both around their 30s and their CVs put mine to shame. More power to them. Long may it continue. Thank goodness they’re smarter than I am, that’s only as it should be.

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