Lean In: A good book for water cooler chat

From Kate. The quote on leadership is memorable.

Blogging the Long List

In general I don’t read self help books.  Or leadership books.  Basically, I don’t like being told what to do.  And definitely not by someone I have never met who thinks they are better than me and is being paid to tell me so.  I also don’t like doing ‘women’ things.  Women’s groups, leadership bodies etc. make me itchy.  I don’t like being defined by being a woman.

So, the fact I read ‘Lean In’ at all is a bloody miracle.  And to be honest, I only read it because the review in Time Magazine told me that it was controversial, and controversial I enjoy.  But, well, it wasn’t really – at least to me.  In some ways it was less than I hoped, but looking back at it, it has made me think, and talk, which I guess was the point of Sandberg writing it in the first…

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