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Trolls R Us: How Fox News Sock Puppets Spam Comment Threads

Originally posted on Climate Denial Crock of the Week:
Most unsurprising new fact of the year.  Everyone has observed how for each new report of legitimate concerns on climate change, waves of trolls flood media comment threads with tired, shopworn…

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What do I know about LIghtroom anyway?

This coming Tuesday, the 22nd of October, I’ll be giving a talk on how I use Adobe Lightroom to members of the Digital Group of the Richmond and Twickenham Photographic Society. It starts at 7:30pm at the MWB, opposite Richmond … Continue reading

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Write once, read never

I’m keeping my write once read never (hopefully) data on Amazon Web Services Glacier offering. All my old psts and archived documents, zipped up,  come to 6GB – costing me $0.05 per month. I shall also archive my photographs there. … Continue reading

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Technology travails

It’s been a year of technology refreshes in the household. Heather’s five year old HP desktop PC gradually slowed down. Throwing an SSD at it did not help. We’ve replaced it with a Lenovo G580, a laptop – Amazon’s most … Continue reading

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Humans Pummeling Mother Nature Against the Ropes: Scientists Predict which Round She Gets K.O.’d

Originally posted on Global Warming: Man or Myth?:
There are numerous studies describing the impact of human-caused climate change on various ecosystems. (See my MET103 – Global Climate Change class notes and Impact of Climate Change web page for more…

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