Technology travails

It’s been a year of technology refreshes in the household.

  • Heather’s five year old HP desktop PC gradually slowed down. Throwing an SSD at it did not help. We’ve replaced it with a Lenovo G580, a laptop – Amazon’s most popular laptop. The portability has been a boon for her work. It’s backed up using File History to the NAS and Carbonite to the cloud.
  • Similarly my four year old Chillblast PC gave up the ghost – with many phantom symptoms en-route. Ultimately the motherboard gave up – throwing intermittent wobblies. It was replaced with a Lenovo Z580 laptop – the slightly higher specification is for photo-editing. With the migration I put everything, except my photographs, into Google’s cloud.
  • Our seven year old Canon inkjet printer gave up. That’s been replaced with an Epson  WF-3520 – double sided, document feed, wireless, cloud friendly. I thought most of this was over the top, too many features. We used the wireless scanning to the cloud on the very first day. It sits on our network alongside our Epson 3880 A2 photo printer.
  • Our old NAS, a first generation Buffalo Terastation, ran out of oomph. It’s not quite big enough for everything, our Panasonic televisions couldn’t see it and it was comparatively slow. Still, not bad for six years. It’s been replaced with a Synology DS213j, with 6GB configured in RAID 1. Its primary use is to store photographs.  I’m experimenting with Amazon Web Services Glacier to archive the older ones in case the house burns down.
  • If we do want to access the NAS from the outside world it looks like we will need a new router. Our current little Netgear only supports 20 rules – the NAS needs lots more. Sigh. It looks like that’s the next thing. (Edit: turns out I only needed two rules. But, by then, I’d bought the new router anyway. Darn.)
  • The best £20 technology expenditure of the year was an eight port unmanaged Gigabit switch. We’d run out of ports on our four port router. More ports and quicker – nothing wrong with that.
  • We have motion sensitive (daylight and infrared) IP cameras monitoring the house and storing the videos in the eyeSpy247 cloud. That was very fiddly. Its setup app didn’t recognise our router – but didn’t tell me that – so it took a few hours of diagnosis. The billing is arcane. And, despite the documentation and their Help desk’s assurances, one of the vital screens is not compatible with Google Chrome.

Despite my best endeavours most of it seems to work.

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1 Response to Technology travails

  1. Ray says:

    This is very worrying especially when asking Frank in IT is no longer an option. What are your Tech Support rates? 🙂


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