Heather on Pont des Arts

Heather used to visit Paris frequently. She told me of misspent youthful summers, some spent with Annie, her best friend. I used to fly in and out of Orly, to GEIS’ office in Montrouge, on day trips, but never saw anything. So we spent a long weekend on the Left Bank in September.

We waved at the Louvre. Following the many recommendations we did spend a good few hours in the Musee d’Orsay. We made it up to Montmartre in the sun although most of the weekend was grey and damp. We ate modestly but well.

Having said that I don’t see monochrome, I’ve set up my camera to display in black and white to help me. The raw files are still in colour, but I’m going a bit retro just to see how it works out

Par le Seine, John Samuel, B

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