Mil-spec dog ball

Don’t get me wrong, our Elmo is a lovely, affectionate chap. We’ve never had even a whiff of a problem with him and other dogs or people. However, as a bull breed (mongrel), he does take out his aggression on dog toys. The half-life of a tennis ball is minutes. Even ostensibly hard balls only last days in his gentle care.

I was having a whinge on this topic whilst walking him late last week with one of my dog-walking acquaintances. You know the type, you know their dog’s name but not their own. Anyway, she said “Ah, you need Zogoflex. They’re darn near indestructible, they float and you can return them, the once.” So I ordered this one – tangerine and large.

Elmo’s had it out a couple of times and hasn’t made a mark on it. Amazing. He likes to carry two, or more, balls in his mouth – and these are large enough that I don’t think he can manage more than the one. So I may even order a second so that he can have one and I can entice him with a second, without him nabbing both, prancing about and teasing me. They don’t bounce as well as some others but then they don’t shred as easily either.

The only downside is they’re over £15 a pop. Ouch. If another dog steals a tennis ball from him then my reaction is “Meh, it all evens out in the long run.” But at £15 a pop I will hunt any thief down. The shout of “Hand back our Zogoflex!” will echo resoundingly across the park.

Beware. The dog is fine. The owner is a handful.

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