Malaysian Christmas holiday – Cameron Highlands and Belum Rainforest

See also Kuala Lumpur and Georgetown.

We had booked an Express Bus to take us from KL to the Strawberry Park Resort in the Cameron Highlands. Then we decided to take a taxi. With hindsight, bus is best – and there it shall rest. We had a minor hiccup, lost a couple of hours – in the context of a couple of weeks it was a nit. Next time we’ll use our travel agent first. In the meantime we have a good story to tell over dinner.

We arrived in the Cameron Highlands Christmas eve, stayed for Christmas day and set out on Boxing Day. The Butterfly Farm was interesting – the conditions were hardly modern but it does mean you get close to the insects. The Mossy Forest was an interesting stroll. We’d never heard of Boh Tea, but the plantation tour was fascinating – they still use working Victorian equipment. And they say they invented the word “ummph”. The buffets in the resort restaurant were pretty good; I was especially keen on made for me Indian pancakes and curry for breakfast.

A shrine outside the Cameron Highlands' Butterfly Gardens

In the Mossy Forest in the Cameron Highlands

Boh tea plantation

Merry Christmas in Strawberry Hill Resort, Cameron Highlands

Merry Christmas in Strawberry Hill Resort, Cameron Highlands

It was an uneventful five hour drive to Belum Rainforest. I’d been expecting something hot, steamy and oppressive. Compared to a Washington DC summer day Belum was refreshing. The rooms were very liveable, if basic. The buffet was basic, certainly not the highlight of Malaysia. But the Discover Belum – Temenggor Rainforest tour more than made up for it. Boat on a lake – check. Local fishing industry discussion – check. Orchid, tarantula and very large flower – check. Rainforest village – check. Bathe in a rainforest waterfall – check.

Kate and Heather swimming in a pool beneath a waterfall in the B

Kate in a boat in the Belum rainforest

A Cameron Highlands orchid

Orang Asli village boys

Orang Asli village washing

Now we’re off to the island of Penang and the its world heritage site, Georgetown.

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