Potential Landmark panel

Around Easter the photo society has an exhibition at the Landmark, in Teddington. Members of the society get quite a few square feet of space to fill. The norm is half-a-dozen photos on 40 cm by 50 cm mounts. Club members can read about the exhibition on the forum.

I’d had a local subject in mind for some time – and had their agreement too. But, having just been to Malaysia. I thought maybe I should use those instead. So, here’s my proposed panel, laid out as two rows of three.

Landmark panel v1 18-01-2014

If anyone has any constructive criticism, feel free to post. I moderate all posts anyway, so way what you like, if you don’t mind your words disappearing into that great bit bucket in the sky.

I’ve had two comments so far, neither reflected, as yet, in the panel. The first is that the bottom left image, of the boat, isn’t as bold an image as the others so unbalances the panel. The second is that the bottom right image, of the barbecue, should be reversed so that it appears to be facing into the panel.

As an aside, the concept of “a panel” was completely foreign to me until I joined the club. It isn’t enough just to hang some prints. My original take was “Eh? That’s a bit poncy.” Viewing last year’s Landmark exhibition I changed my mind – there was a handful of panels where the layout undoubtedly raised the collected photographs’ impact. I’m now at the “I accept it, but it still feels artificial” stage. Should I decide the journey is worth it I have a long way to go.

My instinct is to print in colour – and I like big, bold colour – and print big – A3 to fit within the standard mount. But I’ll go to A2 if the powers that be will allow. But, last year, the norm was probably A4 – with a lot of monochrome. I have a few weeks to dither. If you have an opinion please feel free to express it. Be kind.

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2 Responses to Potential Landmark panel

  1. anna price says:

    Well done. Yes a panel is another thing and a good learning experience. I am thinking of trying one!
    Just a few little things ….Personally I would remove half boat coming out of side of BBQ and maybe tone down domino tea shirt :~)


    • jsam says:

      Thank you, Anna, for taking the time and effort.

      I agree with you on the tee-shirt.

      On the boat, I’m torn. Removing it, and the bit one can see through the eye, encroaches on my personal over-manipulation rule. The boat was there. I know, there are many who would delete it without hesitation – and I would not criticise them for that. I also know there are many in the club who already regard my images as over-manipulated.

      Being lazy, I may allow the mechanics to settle the argument. If I can use Lightroom to clone it out simply I may well do so. If it means an hour in Photoshop it will probably stay.


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