Why we shouldn’t tell people that reading is good for them

More thoughts from Kate.

Blogging the Long List

Like many (most?) people of my generation I was never formally taught grammar. To this day, I admit, I can’t tell my noun from my verb or my adverb. This may horrify many of you. But, I think, it hasn’t stopped me instinctively understanding the rules of grammar and applying them to my writing. And I have books to thank for a lot of that.

I read endlessly as a child. And from that, I learned many things. Like aeroplane safety (thanks Topsy and Tim), how to make Playdough and that I didn’t want to be a ballerina because it made your toes bleed. But learning was always the subtext of what I was doing. Only maybe 10% of the books I read were explicitly learning – for school – and despite being an avid reader, I often resented reading those. Just like I resented (ok, just didn’t) eating my…

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