WordPress.com versus WordPress.org


Full disclosure first: I love WordPress.com and I want to acknowledge that I might be a bit biased for two reasons. Firstly, I blog at WordPress.com and secondly, I work for Automattic, the company behind it. 

I work in support at Automattic and so I get to see first hand the sorts of things users are doing with WordPress.com, why some want to get a self-hosted WordPress.org site instead, and the sorts of problems users experience with these sites. Since I started in April this year, I have answered 4,360 queries from users. Many of these queries have been about the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org which seems to be an enormous source of confusion.

It is confusing! I agree. I can remember finding it confusing when I first started blogging at WordPress.com. But I will try to explain the difference here and also explain why I think WordPress.com is often the best choice.

WordPress is software that drives 22% of…

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