Christmas 2015

Most years our Christmas letter has an obvious highlight; this year we are spoilt for choice. At the pinnacle stands both Kate’s wedding to Pedro and our day a week caring for our grandson, Jo and Ben’s son, Wilfred. We are truly lucky to have such great daughter-in-law and son-in-law in Jo and Pedro.

Family in Kew

Heather, Jo, Ben, Wilfie, Kate and Pedro in Kew Gardens

Kate and Pedro wed in Kew Gardens, late on a perfect autumn Friday afternoon; Kew Gardens was our back yard as the kids were young so nowhere was more apt for Kate.  The sun was setting behind the Nash Conservatory, forming a path of light as they strode into the ceremony.

KandP wedding

Pedro and Kate in the Nash Conservatory

There were toddlers aplenty, all allowed to run free. The reception was champagne filled fun, the Indian dinner was excellent and the company delightful. The following day all the out-of-towners came around for pizza and Lambrusco. As a note to self, having a prepared wedding speech is all well and fine – but finding yourself being unable to read 11 point print anymore obviates the preparation.

Probably even before Wilfred was born Heather and I had discussed whether or not we’d be asked to help care for him.

Wilfie cuddles

Wilfie and Granny

So when Jo and Ben ever so tentatively asked if we’d be interested in a day a week we had to bite our tongues and let them finish the question. Leaving vegetables aside, as he does, he’s a joy: alert, interested in everything, giggly, humorous and chatty. Jo and Ben are terrific parents. It may be a long day for Heather and me but it is very worthwhile.

Our holidays have always been self-directed affairs; planned and executed on our own. This year we experimented. We went on an escorted  train tour of Vietnam and Cambodia. We had a terrific time. We saw more because it was time-tabled. I wasn’t worrying if we were on the right train or not. Our bags would disappear and reappear without a care. Our fellow travellers were good fun – we could tell all our old stories without boring them. We’ve made friends with the Todmans. It was so good we’re going to try India with the same company and Puglia with another. We’ve also been to Bologna for a few days; a new contender for my favourite city.

We manage a couple of dog free days a week – one for Wilfie and one for us to wander about. Elmo has four hours of walking each day. But we have London on our doorstep. The dog free days allow us to see plays, movies, museums and use our new friend, the ArtFund pass.

In the house we had planned to replace a bathroom and, finally, cover the bare worn floorboards upstairs (a result of ripping out the dog hair adhering carpets a decade ago). But, first, we needed a couple of months to install noise reducing secondary double glazing throughout. A couple of months? Try 15 months. Maybe we’ll do the upstairs floors and the bathroom next year. Or the year after.

In the meantime Heather is in a Fitbit steps competition with my sister, Marianne, and our friend Ray Eisenberg; knitting for England (mostly Wilfie but I bagged a terrific jumper too) and improving her conversational German.

Timetabling means I’ve had to cutback on evening events the local camera club.


xkcd: Duty Calls

And I have to remind myself not to engage nutters on the internet. That should leave me enough free time to book our next holidays. Will it be Canada’s Atlantic provinces, Patagonia, Costa Rica or New Zealand?

To all a Happy Holiday season and our best wishes for the New Year.

Heather and John and Elmo

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