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Goodbye RAW, hello JPEG?

I treated myself to a new camera, a Fujifilm X100T, before we set off on holiday. I’ve always shot in RAW format, allowing myself the most flexibility in post-processing. I’m modestly adept in Adobe Lightroom. But I kept reading how good … Continue reading

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Do not buy Mahabis slippers as gifts

We’re an organised family, perhaps overly so. I start thinking about Christmas gifts for my family from Boxing Day. I order goods as experience has taught me that delay oft leads to disappointment. So, when darling daughter Kate raved about … Continue reading

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Christmas 2014

It’s late November and Granny, aka Heather, has already spent nigh on three days wrapping presents. We’ve ordered our Christmas bird (partridge in pheasant in duck in turkey) for the Christmas family gathering. A few new ornaments have been purchased … Continue reading

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Pane di Natale: 7 Italian Breads for Christmas

Italian bread for the festivities? Don’t mind if I do, thank you. Travel Gourmet Christmas breads at Corto Italian Deli, Twickenham The blog is a constant source of joy, not least because it’s led me to meet some lovely people: other … Continue reading

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What have we seen in 2014?

With two live theatres within walking distance in Richmond, the National Theatre a half hour away and London on our doorstep we are fortunate to have so much live entertainment on offer. Full Frontal Nerdity – geekery at its finest Kindertransport … Continue reading

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The clouds in my thinking over backups are clearing

Last year, 2013, I put together a presentation on how not to lose data, particularly for photographers. At that point I was advocating Amazon Glacier as an exceptionally inexpensive archival system in the cloud. Nearly a year later I came … Continue reading

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An interesting aside about gravity

Originally posted on …and Then There's Physics:
In the past, when discussing the role of chaos in climate models, I’ve been known to argue that the complexity of multi-body dynamical systems means that we could probably not run a…

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Originally posted on
Full disclosure first: I love and I want to acknowledge that I might be a bit biased for two reasons. Firstly, I blog at and secondly, I work for Automattic, the company behind it.  I work…

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The Met Office’s outlook for the UK summer 2014

Originally posted on Official blog of the Met Office news team:
There are headlines in the media today which suggest the Met Office is forecasting that this summer will be one of the hottest on record. However, the Met Office…

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Elmo drops! A tale of a lot of carrot and a very little stick

Our practically perfect mutt has become that bit more perfect over the last fortnight. He’s always chased balls (see Zogoflex) but he then pranced around, taunting me with his gains. We could go to the park for an hour and … Continue reading

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