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Split toning – here’s one I made earlier

Split toning, shading the highlights in one colour and the shadows in another, is an old technique – and very easy to do in Lightroom. I started fiddling around with it just because it was there, in Lightroom, in the … Continue reading

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Synchronisation and “Lightroom encountered an error when reading from its preview cache and needs to quit”

29 August 2016 – I have updated this article – read right through to the end. A few weeks back the hard drive in my laptop started to play up. Web pages took a minute to open. Booting up took … Continue reading

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Goodbye RAW, hello JPEG?

I treated myself to a new camera, a Fujifilm X100T, before we set off on holiday. I’ve always shot in RAW format, allowing myself the most flexibility in post-processing. I’m modestly adept in Adobe Lightroom. But I kept reading how good … Continue reading

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The clouds in my thinking over backups are clearing

Last year, 2013, I put together a presentation on how not to lose data, particularly for photographers. At that point I was advocating Amazon Glacier as an exceptionally inexpensive archival system in the cloud. Nearly a year later I came … Continue reading

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Potential Landmark panel

Around Easter the photo society has an exhibition at the Landmark, in Teddington. Members of the society get quite a few square feet of space to fill. The norm is half-a-dozen photos on 40 cm by 50 cm mounts. Club … Continue reading

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Attend a monochrome class, submit colour photos

A few months ago Andy Beel spoke at our photo society. Andy is renowned for his black and white images. His images are mostly black. A few members thought attending one of his two workshops would be worthwhile. Helen Sterne manfully … Continue reading

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Malaysian Christmas holiday – first stop, Kuala Lumpur

See also See also Cameron Highlands and Belum Rainforest and Georgetown. Our young marrieds, Jo and Ben, alternate Christmases. One year they spend with us, the next with Jo’s vast family. This year it was Jo’s family’s turn. It looked like our Christmas could … Continue reading

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