Christmas 2019

The summary? We hope you are as blessed as we have been. We’re fine. Our kids are healthy, have homes, like their jobs (some new) and have terrific partners. In turn, their kids, our grandkids, are, for the most part, delights – we have our days with them most weeks. We have friends to stay, stayed with friends and enjoyed a few holidays. And some of it is photographed.

Heather stroking a cheetah

A few visitors have appeared this year. Gabrielle Must; Betsy and Ray Eisenberg; Noa, Ronit and Gadi Wollstein; Isi, Lars, Lea and Lennart Kopp on their Grand Tour of England and Maria Vallai. It’s always a pleasure to open our house to friends and family – mightily helped if they like big dogs as much as we do. We’ve even met new family – welcome, Linda Young.

John driving a Lotus Evora

Holidays have been had. Heather surprised her sister, Caroline, in Hamburg – appearing on Caroline’s doorstep on the day of her 70th. We’d not seen Dave Nyman since we left Rome in 1978; visiting Laura and him in Valencia for Heather’s birthday was simply terrific. It also gave us a chance to catch up with a GE colleague from 20 years ago, Emilio Fernandez-Martos. What a wonderful city too; I’ve bookmarked a local realtor. We’ve had tours of South Africa and the Orient – and finding the jet lag more difficult than ever. We met Baby Knox in our occasional friends and family circuit around the north-east US and southern Ontario – our apologies to Rohini, Beth, Paul and Martha and others for missing them this time around, Our thanks to our many hosts: Barb and Terry, Ronit and Gadi, Anne-Marie and Jim, and Marianne and Bob.

We have lost a friend and neighbour, Tacchi Salama, this year. And we lost Chris Thompson; my alter-ego through whom I met Heather. Both died far too young. We think of them and their surviving partners, Ben and Louise.

Meanwhile, we continue to deliver leaflets, start petitions, attend the odd rally and host the local LibDem Committee Room during elections. We may be swimming against the national tide but our time will come only if we help it along.

As we have done for many years, we will be sending most of our Seasons Greetings electronically and donating the stationery and postage saved to charity. We hope you don’t mind.

Have a great holiday break.
Heather and John

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5 Responses to Christmas 2019

  1. Wishing you both and your family a very happy Christmas and all good wishes for 2020. (And may the LibDems win :).

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  2. Michelle says:

    Wishing you and your gorgeous family and very Merry Christmas

    Lots of love

    Michelle & Chris Webb

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  3. Paul Gordon Samuel says:

    John and Heather, sorry we missed you when you visited Ontario. Perhaps in a couple of years. Because we like Big Dogs as well.
    Merry Christmas, Happy New Year & New Decade.
    Paul & Martha

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  4. James Taylor says:

    Dear Heather and John, We haven’t been to Kew as often this year and so have missed seeing you. But hope to see you both in 2020. Wishing you a very Happy, Healthy and Adventurous holiday season and New Year. Too bad all of our votes didn’t make a change this year, but still hoping for a brighter future. With love from Scarborough, N & J

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