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Do not buy Mahabis slippers as gifts

We’re an organised family, perhaps overly so. I start thinking about Christmas gifts for my family from Boxing Day. I order goods as experience has taught me that delay oft leads to disappointment. So, when darling daughter Kate raved about … Continue reading

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Pane di Natale: 7 Italian Breads for Christmas

Italian bread for the festivities? Don’t mind if I do, thank you. Travel Gourmet Christmas breads at Corto Italian Deli, Twickenham The blog is a constant source of joy, not least because it’s led me to meet some lovely people: other … Continue reading

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What have we seen in 2014?

With two live theatres within walking distance in Richmond, the National Theatre a half hour away and London on our doorstep we are fortunate to have so much live entertainment on offer. Full Frontal Nerdity – geekery at its finest Kindertransport … Continue reading

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Elmo drops! A tale of a lot of carrot and a very little stick

Our practically perfect mutt has become that bit more perfect over the last fortnight. He’s always chased balls (see Zogoflex) but he then pranced around, taunting me with his gains. We could go to the park for an hour and … Continue reading

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The Kids are Alright

Originally posted on The Science Dog:
        A SAMPLE OF “KIDS WITH DOGS” PHOTOS TAKEN FROM A 30-SECOND GOOGLE SEARCH Disclaimer: If you are not horrified by these photographs (even worse….if you think they are cute), you are probably not…

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Best dog investment ever, bar none

Our Elmo is a 40 kilogram wuss. He’s half Boxer, half Cane Corso. He’s quicker than a Labrador, nearly as quick as a Vizsla. He can clear my head from a standing jump. His bark at the front door is … Continue reading

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Why we shouldn’t tell people that reading is good for them

Originally posted on Blogging the Long List:
Like many (most?) people of my generation I was never formally taught grammar. To this day, I admit, I can’t tell my noun from my verb or my adverb. This may horrify many…

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Malaysian Christmas Holiday – Georgetown

See also Kuala Lumpur and Cameron Highlands and Belum Rainforest. We had a pleasant enough five hour drive from Belum to Georgetown. Our driver wasn’t aggressive, at least by local standards. It wasn’t until we approached the Penang Bridge to take us to … Continue reading

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Malaysian Christmas holiday – Cameron Highlands and Belum Rainforest

See also Kuala Lumpur and Georgetown. We had booked an Express Bus to take us from KL to the Strawberry Park Resort in the Cameron Highlands. Then we decided to take a taxi. With hindsight, bus is best – and there it shall … Continue reading

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Mil-spec dog ball

Don’t get me wrong, our Elmo is a lovely, affectionate chap. We’ve never had even a whiff of a problem with him and other dogs or people. However, as a bull breed (mongrel), he does take out his aggression on … Continue reading

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